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Nikon photography lesson Day 2

17th of October was the second day of Nikon photography lesson.

We had homework that is we had to bring a photo printed on a photo paper.

I had a problem, I didn’t have any subjects or I didn’t know what I wanted to take.

The reason people start photography is varied, but mainly to take pictures of adorable kids or pets.
I have neither children, cats, nor dogs.

I had no plans for traveling somewhere to see any  great views. Anyway I wanted to take pictures of something beautiful.
Something beautiful…is flowers… Flowers are definitely beautiful. This means pictures of flowers are bount to be good regardless of my photograpy skills.
So I asked a flower shop in my neighborhood if I could take pictures of their flowers.

I thought the layout of the flowers was beautiful, but I didn’t like the price cards. They made them look cheap. If they were written in a foreign language, it could be a part of the display.


I realized it is hard to take pictures of beautiful flowers as they are.
Actually they were much more beautiful than the pictures I had taken.
To take pictures of beautiful flowers well requires proper settings of exposure.
I should have known that before I took them.


I bought some flowers and said “Thank you” to the shopkeeper.


The flowers I bought at the flower shop, and this photo is my homework.


I was not satisfied with the above photo, but I had no idea what to take. I was really embarrassed to show the photo to my photography teacher.
I had no time so I compromised with myself, and thought(actually, expected) some of my classmates would be poorer than mine, or some wouldn’t even do the homework.
I was dead wrong. All classmates brought their work and they were really good pictures, at least better than mine.

A young woman sitting next to me took a very cute photo of her cat jumping,and she told me that taking pictures of jumping cats is booming among camera lovers.
What is a jumping cat(tobineko), ? This is an iconic photo of a jumping cat(tobineko), .


This photo courtesy of Kenta Igarashi, well-known as the leader of the jumping cat (tobineko), picture boom.

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