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Tobineko (Jumping cat)

Tobineko- Tobi means jumping, neko means cats in Japanese.

One of my classmates in my Nikon Photography lesson told me about “Tobineko(Jumping cats)”.
I’d heard of it before. What made it well-known was a TV program called “Tamori club”. “Tobineko(Jumping cats)” was featured on the program last October. Since then it has become widely known, especially among cat lovers.

Tamori club, airing “Tobineko(Jumping cats)”.

My classmate is also a cat lover and has two cats. She showed us her “Tobineko(Jumping cats)” photo, and it was very impressive. A cat in the photo was jumping into the air stretching out her four legs fully, and it looked like she was flying although she was jumping down from the top of the shelf. It made me think I want to take pictures like this.

According to my classmate, taking pictures of jumping cats is not easy. It requires many elements, such as timing, a proper shutter speed, and of course, the cat’s mood and physical condition as well.
As we know,cats are capricious, and they never do anything they don’t want to (I’m┬álike them admittedly). She said she had to take very many pictures of her cats until she captured the best one.

All photos on this page courtesy of Kenta Igarashi, a photographer/the leader of the jumping cats pictures.

This is a picture-perfect and iconic Tobineko photo, the boom started from this shot.


The famous photo of Tobineko.

This is a Tobineko calendar for 2016.





A beautiful jumper!


I found that cats can perform…


Here comes a gang of cats! West Side Story …cats edition.

He takes not only jumping cat pictures, but sweet little kitten.


Please raise your paw if you have any ideas.

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