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Sakura and Sakuramochi


You will never know how important cherry blossoms are for us Japanese. Honestly I had never realized it until several years ago. When I was young I didn’t think about cherry blossoms so much, it was just one of the signs of spring. When I was young I was attracted to showier flowers with strong characteristics such as roses…


Nikon photography lesson Day 3


Month before last(to be exact , Sat/Oct/24 ), I went to Ueno Zoo for the first time in my life. This was for a hands-on learning Nikon photography lesson, and our task was to take pictures of actual animals or subjects. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day —not too hot, not too cold –a…


Tobineko (Jumping cat)


Tobineko- Tobi means jumping, neko means cats in Japanese. One of my classmates in my Nikon Photography lesson told me about “Tobineko(Jumping cats)”. I’d heard of it before. What made it well-known was a TV program called “Tamori club”. “Tobineko(Jumping cats)” was featured on the program last October. Since then it has become widely known,…


Nikon photography lesson Day 2


17th of October was the second day of Nikon photography lesson. We had homework that is we had to bring a photo printed on a photo paper. I had a problem, I didn’t have any subjects or I didn’t know what I wanted to take. The reason people start photography is varied, but mainly to take…


Nikon photography lesson Day 1

Nikon photography seminar is held at Nikon service center at Shinjuku

Last Saturday was the first day of my photography lesson at Nikon. There are four lessons that are three hours each. This lesson is popular, especially when held on weekends, so I had been on a waiting list. I was lucky to join the lesson. We were told to bring our digital SLR camera in advance….