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Nikon photography lesson Day 1

Nikon photography seminar is held at Nikon service center at Shinjuku

Last Saturday was the first day of my photography lesson at Nikon. There are four lessons that are three hours each. This lesson is popular, especially when held on weekends, so I had been on a waiting list. I was lucky to join the lesson. We were told to bring our digital SLR camera in advance….


Photo spot in Tokyo – Tokyo Tower –

Tokyo Tower from below

Tokyo Tower is a very famous spot, but people living in Tokyo seldom visit, just like New Yorkers rarely go to see The Statue of Liberty in New York. I wouldn’t think about going there if I were not interested in cameras. On a sunny day in Silver Week(consecutive holidays in September, we also have Golden…


Photography lesson at Nikon

View from Nikon service center Shinjuku

I’m going to take a photography lesson at Nikon from tomorrow. At first I was not interested in cameras, I just wanted RAW images to edit in Photoshop. I didn’t imagine myself paying money and joining the lesson. I even used to think camera lovers were crazy because it cost a lot, since we could…


What makes Japanese cameras great.


I think I see many camera commercials these days. The commercial for the Nikon I have features Shun Oguri as a young father taking pictures of his kids. Olympus, very popular among outdoor photographers for its waterproof camera, features the Japanese soccer superstar Keisuke Honda. Though he looks more like his own comedic impersonator Junichi Davidson in this…


Why do they look happy? fitness instructors


I’m interested in fitness instructors. This doesn’t mean I want to be one. I wonder why can they be so cheerful and positive? I know the job must be fun, especially for people who love to exercise. Moreover, it has many negative aspects such as what if they get hurt? Additionally, they have to look…